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Would you like to share or display information about the DHQ helpline in your workplace? See our downloadable Who We Are PDF A3 or Who We are PDF A4

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Wondering how to juggle work in medicine and life outside? Take a look at our Six Steps to Thriving in Medicine

Maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle by Dr Daniel Mazzoni. Published in AMAQ DoctorQ Magazine.

A chance observation by Dr Michael Kennedy. Published in AMAQ DoctorQ Magazine.

Doctors’ Health in Queensland at JDC 2020

Panel Session: Suicide prevention and after care at JDC 2020

The Queensland Integrity Commissioner and Avant partnered with QLD HEAL and Doctors’ Health in Queensland to present a podcast series on the topic: 

Mandatory reporting for Health Professionals: What are the ethical and legal ramifications? 

The podcasts are available at this link: https://www.integrity.qld.gov.au/publications/podcasts/queensland-integrity-in-health/index.aspx 

The series of podcasts are being released individually over the coming weeks, so please return to the page to listen to more. For each podcast, our hosts will be interviewing one of our many experts including:  

  • Andrew Brown – Queensland Health Ombudsman (Office of the Health Ombudsman) 
  • Dr Mellissa Naidoo – nib Group Chief Medical Officer and Board Director for Qld Doctors’ Health Programme 
  • Dr Alex Markwell – Chair of the Queensland Clinical Senate and Emergency Physician 
  • Professor Malcom Parker – Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Queensland and Adjunct Professor at ACHLR QUT 
  • Dr Margaret Kay – Medical Director working with Doctors’ Health in Queensland. The podcasts explore specific issues related to the ethical and legal ramifications of mandatory notifications related to the National Law. These topics include the barriers that doctors experience when seeking health care, the role of the Qld Health Ombudsman, the importance of leadership in enhancing the health and wellbeing of doctors and other clinicians, the ethical aspects of mandatory notifications. 

Other resources

Clinician wellbeing in the time of COVID-19 by Drs’ Lynne McKinlay and Alex Markwell. Published in AMAQ DoctorQ Magazine.

Engaging patients in doctors’ mental health. By Christopher Erian, Michael Erian, Anna Tanios and Glenda McLaren. Published in Insight Plus MJA.

Difficult experiences when working in tough times. Identifying burnout, compassion fatigue and traumatic responses: starting conversations and moving forward. By Karen Gaunson, Kym Jenkins, Margie Stuchbery and Brett McDermott.

A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue from Online MSW Programs.

Developing a mental health and wellbeing strategy: A how-to guide for health services from Beyondblue.

PEER SUPPORT: a brief guide by Kym Jenkins, Karen Gaunson, Margie Stuchbery and Brett McDermott to aid those setting up individual or group peer support.





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