Dr Michael Kennedy joined us at this event and reflects upon the morning event:

“The Mindfulness Saturday morning seminar in early March 2018, run by Dr Craig Hassed was an unexpected delight and good value for the time spent for all those present.

It was some weeks ago now but I remember the discussion and practice around the handling of emotions in a positive way and resultant decrease in stress.  We also considered multitasking and its effects, one being the workplace becoming more stressful with mistakes more likely. The group came to these insights through sharing interesting little exercises, etc.

“Monash Mindfulness” and Mindfulness at McGill University are two useful online resources I remember being mentioned.

I feel that we were in well focused and capable hands to practice expanding our minds in perception and understanding of this topic. I understand Craig runs these courses more broadly to different professions, eg. judges.

The morning was at the AMAQ in Kelvin Grove which was very appropriate for the numbers present. It was good to see QDHP and the AMAQ working together, with real concern, and practically, for doctors’ mental health and more broadly.

I believe it is on again in 2019 and is well worth the time and rewarding so consider going next year as the numbers will increase, I am sure” – Michael Kennedy

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and QDHP and AMAQ will work towards another session like this next year!