Support Services

Many medical professional organisations offer employee or member benefits that include personal support and helplines. The list below is not exhaustive.

These resources are unaffiliated to Doctors’ Health in Queensland.


For all doctors and medical students

For immediate crisis support:

    Other supports

    • AMA: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is a membership organisation representing registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia.
    • AMA Queensland: QLD based membership organisation providing support, leadership, promotion and advocacy for the advancement of the medical profession in Queensland at all stages of their career.
    • CRANAplus Bush Support Service: a free and confidential telephone counselling service for rural and remote area health professionals and their families.
    • Rural Doctors Association Queensland: supporting rural and remote doctors and the communities they serve.
    • Beyondblue’s Health Services Program: The aim of the Health Services Program is to address the prevalence of anxiety, depression and suicide in staff working in health services across Australia.
    • TEN- The Essential Network for Health Professionals:  TEN connects health workers to a network of essential resources and support to manage stress and maintain good mental health.
    • Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association:  a not-for-profit, member-based, professional association supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students and doctors.
    Medico-legal Support

    OHO/AHPRA: concerns about practitioners.

    Medical Indemnity Providers

    Avant: Avant Personal Support Program enables Avant members to access a central plank of up to 6 sessions of confidential counselling provided by Benester.

    MDA National: Doctors for Doctors Program is a confidential peer support service for Members during a medico-legal matter. Professional Support provides Members with complimentary, confidential access to a Psychiatrist who can support and guide you during a complaint or investigation.

    MIGA: The Practitioners’ Support Service is available to doctors insured with MIGA who may be suffering emotionally as a consequence of being the subject of an investigation or a claim for compensation.

    MIPS: The wellbeing resources provide a number of vauable resources to all members for mental health and wellbeing.


    Medico-Legal Issues 

    Workplace Support

    PHN Members: Each Queensland PHN can provide access to EAP services for employees of General Practices and Allied Health Practices working and residing in Queensland. Employees can access three (3) free, voluntary, confidential counselling sessions. Telehealth sessions are available.

    Your Hospital and Health Service (HHS) may have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available, eg. Queensland Health EAP.

    • Your local HR department may have other supports available.
    • Support will be available from your Medical Education Unit (MEU) and Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
    • Traning hospitals may have Welfare Advocates

    ASMOFQ is a not-for-profit membership organisation that exists to improve the working lives of salaried doctors across Queensland.


    Critical Incident Support (CIS) 

    After a Major Anaesthetic Mishap 

    Difficult Experiences When Working in Tough Times 

    Training and Examinations 


    Anaesthesia and Family Responsibilities 

    Retirement and Late Career Options for the older professional 

    The Trainee Returning to Work 

    Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 

    Sexual Misconduct 

    College Supports

    RACGP GP Support Program EAP service operated by LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell

    RACP RACP Support Program EAP service operated by Converge International

    RACS RACS Support Program EAP service operated by Converge International



    ACRRM ACRRM Support Resources and EAP service

    RANZCOG RANZCOG Support Resources and EAP service

    ACEM ACEM Assist and Resources

    CICM CICM Support and Resources

    AOA AOA Support and Resources

    RANZCO RANZCO Support and Resources

    RANZCR RANZCR Support and Resources

    RACMA RACMA Support and Resources

    ACD ACD Support and Resources

    International Medical Graduates


    DHQ can match you with a mentor for ongoing support and advice. Email for further information.


    Managing performance: A guide to understanding and managing performance concerns in international medical graduates. 

    Mentoring: IMG Support through the RACGP Mentoring Program 

    IMG Roadmap to Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) 

    Insights into building a career in Australian General Practice: general practice employment, primary healthcare system, living and working in general practice. 



    Explore pathways for specialist international medical graduates. 



    Overseas specialists. 



    Pathway options: 


    Migrating to Australia: 

    Practising in Australia. 

    Mentoring and support: 



    Qld Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Network: Doctors trained overseas face unique challenges and are vital to ensuring Queenslanders have access to doctors if, when and where they need them. Connect with other rural doctors who trained overseas for companionship, advocacy and guidance. 



    IMG employment contract review service: 

    AMA Federal and state working groups: 


    Also registration information and resources. 

    ASMOFQ for tailored advice and support: 



    About working in Australia. 


    Assessment pathways to registration for international medical graduates: 


    International Medical Graduate Guides: 



    Exam Prep 

    The Institute of Medical Education (IME) provides courses for current and future health professionals. Our range of courses include medical admissions preparation such as GAMSAT preparation, placement for international medical graduates, through to continuing professional development (CPD) for specialist practitioners. 

    IMG SOS. We help doctors and trainees. AMC and Fellowship exams. 

    AMC. Suggested reading material for examination preparation. 

    HEAL offers online AMC exam preparation experiences to provide students with the best possible resources to pass their clinical or MCQ exam. Facilitated AMC clinical and MCQ exam preparation webinars. 


    Facebook Groups 

    Australian International Medical Graduates (IMG) Network: ** ALL AUSTRALIAN IMG'S ARE WELCOME ** A networking portal for AUSTRALIAN IMG's to clarify queries regarding AMC exams, PESCI, AHPRA Registration and GP Recruitment. While the group lays an emphasis on 19AA/19AB restrictions and exemptions applicable to PR's and citizens, all IMG's are more than welcome to join us. Other potential discussion topics include Study groups and RACGP assessment. 

    AMSA International Students' Network – ISN: AMSA ISN is the representative body for international medical students in Australia. 


    IMG4IMGs - AMC clinical: This group is for IMGs who are sitting the AMC clinical exam. 

    IMG Doctors: It is an open discussion group for AMC clinical exam preparation. 

    IMG Australia: The concept of this group is helping each other. When one of us achieves a milestone, as a part of this group it is expected of you to help and mentor other IMGs trying to achieve that milestone. Guidance from AMC portal registration, AMC Exams, pathways, PESCI, English language exam to settling with job, every little help should be available in this group. It is a platform to the flow of knowledge and guidance from seniors to juniors. When you make one achievement you help the next person with your guidance. Anyone anywhere in Australia can volunteer to a guidance class/session (online/ face to face) just by posting your availability and interested members can join. 

    IMG supervisors Australia: Discussion group for doctors supervising IMGs to full Australian registration. 

    IMG4IMGS - GP cases for PESCI: This group is for IMGs planning to do their PESCI soon. 

    IMG GPs In Australia (Educational Group): This is a group created out of the needs of IMG GPs wanting to seek educational resources and share learning as we explore together how to work in a new health care system that is very similar and yet quite different to the one we are used to in other parts of the world. 

    Sharing with one another, in the hope that we can support each other in upholding the quality of care we believe in and want to continue to give as the frontliners that our communities come to. 

    Understanding IMG Doctor Pathways in Australia- AMC, PESCI, AHPRA, Medicare: The hardest thing about hiring an IMG Doctor in Australia, or BEING an IMG Doctor in Australia is understanding the pathways in, getting AHPRA registration sorted and then arranging Medicare. This is a group to ask your questions and be answered by our team of IMG recruitment Specialists. 

    IMG Doctors Working in Australia: Welcome to our IMG Doctors Working in Australia page!! This page is to allow IMG's from all over the globe to have constructive, supportive Interactions with each other. Providing assistance to navigate each of your unique circumstances to work as a doctor in Australia. The Institute of Medical Education is always available for support, please email 

    Junior Doctors

    AMA Council of Doctors in Training: Advocating for issues of importance to doctors in training.

    Medical Students

    Medical Student Society Contact Details

    UQMS (Uni of Queensland)

    UQMind is UQMS's Wellbeing Division.
    Send UQMind a message via Facebook.
    Or send an email to

    Sharper Minds - a package of resources for first year UQ Students physical and mental health so that you can achieve your best at University.

    MSSBU (Bond Uni) Email: or
    JCUMS (James Cook Uni) Send email to
    or make contact through their FB page:
    GUMS (Griffith Uni) Send an email to GUMS or a message via their FB page:

    Australian Medical Students Association: The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for Australian medical students.

    Coaching and Career Support Services

    Medi-Nav: A QLD Health initiative to help you to compare specialites

    Vitae Wellbeing & Leadership: Specialise in helping you to advance your personal and professional wellbeing. 

    Medical Career Planning: Career counselling for doctors and medical students. Available one on one or via a self paced online course.

    Standout Medical Careers: Move your medical career forward by getting the role you deserve.

    Creative Careers in Medicine: Engaging, enhancing and advocating for medical professionals who want to take control of their careers in Australasia and beyond.

    Doctors Who Coach Doctors: Coaching focuses on unlocking a doctor's potential to maximize their professional performance, mentoring involves guidance from a more experienced colleague, and counselling addresses personal issues.

    Other Doctors' Health Services


    DRS4DRS has been developed by the medical profession for the medical profession. Through our network of doctors’ health advisory and referral services, we offer an independent, safe, supportive and confidential service. DRS4DRS promotes the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students across Australia. We’re here to help you find the support you need – online resources, referral services and importantly for wellbeing, we’ll help you find a GP.

    Doctors’ Health Alliance: A national body that evolved from the Australasian Doctors’ Health network with the mission of improving the health of the medical profession for the good of the Australian community.

    Links to other state and territory doctors’ health services:

    Financial Support

    Medical Benevolent Association of Queensland (MBAQ): The Association provides financial assistance to help medical practitioners through crises.

    AMA Queensland Foundation: a charitable organisation, established in 2000 by the medical profession, as a means of relieving sickness, suffering and disability among Queenslanders in need.

    Alcohol & Other Drugs

    Australian Doctors in Recovery: A doctors’ mutual support group in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other substances.

    International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA): is a worldwide fellowship of more than 9,900 healthcare professionals and their families who strive to help one another to achieve and maintain recovery from addictions.


    Suspected or Proven Substance Abuse (MISUSE) 

    Impairment in a Colleague 

    Mindfulness & Mental Health

    Smiling Mind is an app to support mental health and wellbeing.

    Head to Health: If you’re trying to improve your own mental health, or support somebody else with mental health issues, Head to Health provides links to trusted Australian online and phone supports, resources and treatment options.

    Black Dog Institute: Creating a mentally healthier world through the translation of research.

    Crazy Socks 4 Docs: Help raise awareness of the mental health of doctors and health professionals.

    R U OK?: is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, encouraging all of us to notice the signs of mental health struggle in friends, family, and colleagues.

    Beyondblue’s Health Services Program: The aim of the Health Services Program is to address the prevalence of anxiety, depression and suicide in staff working in health services across Australia.

    TEN- The Essential Network for Health Professionals:  TEN connects health workers to a network of essential resources and support to manage stress and maintain good mental health.

    E-Mental Health in Practice (eMHprac):  A Guide to Digital Mental Health Resources.

    This Way Up: Learn practical tools to take care of your mental health.

    MoodGym: An interactive self-help book which helps you to learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.


    Personal Health Issues and Strategies  

    Depression and Anxiety 

    Peer Support

    Hand-n-Hand: A bi-national peer support network for healthcare professionals.

    RACGP Peer Support Program: A free service offered by the RACGP in line with the college's commitment to foster a culture of self care amongst general practitioners. It is available to all RACGP members regardless of where you live or work. Members can access professional advice to help cope with life's stressors which may include personal and work related issues that can impact on their wellbeing, work performance, safety, workplace morale and psychological health.


    PEER SUPPORT: a brief guide by Kym Jenkins, Karen Gaunson, Margie Stuchbery and Brett McDermott to aid those setting up individual or group peer support.

    Family and Relationship Support

    Relationships Australia: Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities.

    1800 Respect: National sexual assault, domestic family violence counselling service.


    Australian Medical Lesbian Association: Supporting women who are lesbian or same-sex attracted doctors and medical students in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

    LGBTIQ Intersect: Building culturally safe and inclusive communities.

    Rainbow Med: an arm of UQMS by and for LGBTQIA2S+ medical students. Our main focus areas are academics, advocacy and community building, and we’re here to help support the LGBTQIA2S+ student body. We are primarily here for queer-identifying (or questioning) and gender diverse students, but we also provide academic opportunities for everyone! 

    DocLIST: is an online list of doctors and mental health professionals who have been recommended by lesbian and bisexual women in Australia.


    Communication and Behaviour Education Services

    MCA: MCA designs and delivers tailored education programs to meet the learning needs of health practitioners and health care workers for professional standards or behaviours such as communication, clinical documentation or ethical decision making.

    Cognitive Institute: Cognitive Institute develops and delivers a range of consultancy educational solutions for healthcare professionals and organisations around the world.  

    Other Groups

    ASPM Case Consultation Groups: Allow a small group of clinicians (maximum of eight) to participate in a facilitated case consultation.

    Balint Groups: Structured clinical reflective practice groups.

    Beauty Within Medicine: To revolutionise medical education by breaking down stigma and celebrating diversity and equality in medicine, creating a worldwide community of more informed health professionals.

    WRaPEM: WRaP EM is a group of ordinary but passionate clinicians and medical educators who want to promote the concepts of Wellness, Resilience and Performance, from being considered “the soft stuff” to becoming a core part of Emergency Medicine practice.

    MedicGuild: Latest resources and conversations created by and for medical students and doctors, from OSCEs to medical specialties we demystify the medical journey.

    Queensland Medical Women's Society: The Queensland Medical Women’s Society is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting medical women and advocating for equitable health for all, especially women and children. 

    Medical Women's International Association: MWIA is an association of medical women and students representing women doctors from all six continents and eight regions.

    Frontliners: Supporting those who are caring for people during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Other Support   Ask Izzy is a mobile website that connects people who are in crisis with the services they need right now and nearby.