This exhibition seeks to recognize and celebrate the passions of Queensland’s doctors and medical students, to promote the benefits to wellbeing of engagement in activities beyond the work environment, and to create a space to develop a community around inspiration outside of medicine.

DHQ supports the health and wellbeing of Queensland’s doctors and medical students throughout their careers. DHQ also believes this support benefits the community as a whole by improving the delivery of quality care to patients.

Current and former doctors and medical students were invited to submit to the exhibition.







 Thank You to our Sponsors:

Doctors’ Health in Queensland is a registered charity that provides support for doctors and medical students. Our service is independent of other organisations and relies on our volunteers to answer the helpline and support the organisation’s many activities.

DHQ are grateful for the generosity of Avant Mutual and RACGP Qld who have provided support or sponsorship of this important event.





DHQ wishes to thank our sponsors:

Avant Mutual by doctors for doctors