MDOK now has a choir! What a brilliant initiative. When we look at building a positive workplace culture, activities that value employees and build connection, friendship and fun can be incredibly powerful. What could be introduced at your workplace?

May 13, 2019 | Doctors' Health in the News, Health and Promotion

Medicine comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s coffee with a good friend, a boxing session, or a gentle stroll in the park with the dog. And sometimes, it’s belting out a few tunes with colleagues after work.
This week, we launched our new RPA choir as part of our staff wellbeing program – and it has already proven a hit.
Organised by resident doctor Isabel Hanson and led by classically trained opera singer and choir master Liz Lecoanet, the choir is part of our innovative RPA MDOK program, aimed at improving staff wellbeing by providing an array of classes and events promoting physical, psychological and social health.
Because we know that when staff are happy, it’s better for our patients and their families.
You don’t need to be a good singer to take part – and, even though it has been organised as part of our MDOK program, you don’t need to be a doctor. It’s open to all staff so please get yourself along to the RMOA common room (level 5 of the Kerry Packer Education Centre) on Mondays at 5.45pm.
And in coming months, the choir will share the love by performing for patients and visitors in the RPA atrium.
A special thanks to our Chief Medical Wellness Officer Dr Bethan Richards for turning her hand to interviewing and videoing the very happy participants.

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