Use of the Process Communication Model; a personal experience with Dr Peta Fairweather

‘Process Communication Management’ is a communication tool taught and used throughout Sonic Healthcare Australia. This model was initially introduced locally at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology at Dr Fairweather’s instigation some years ago. This talk outlined how and why this program is useful from both a personal and professional point of view.

The Process Communication Management (PCM) enables you to be more self-aware of your personality traits, both positive and negative ones. PCM also heightens your awareness of other people’s personality traits, and how these might impact upon your interactions with each other. This understanding provides you with the skills and knowledge to enhance your communication with work colleagues and with family members; to avoid conflict and to resolve conflict. It enables you to speak the language of other people whom you may have perceived as a problem person, to be aware of how miscommunication can arise, and to find appropriate channels for effective communication.

About Dr Peta Fairweather

Dr Peta Fairweather MBBS(Hons) FRCPA graduated in Medicine with First Class Honours from The University of Queensland in 1998. She commenced training in anatomical pathology in 2001 at a number of locations across Southeast Queensland with areas including forensic pathology, perinatal pathology, cytology and general anatomical pathology.

Dr Fairweather splits her time between the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Greenslopes Laboratory where she is the Pathologist-in-Charge and the central laboratory in Bowen Hills. She has a special interest in breast pathology, gynaecological pathology and cytology.

She works closely with her clinicians and performs a large number of intraoperative assessments (frozen sections).

She is proud to have completed her training in Process Communication Management (PCM) under Werner Naef and Kris Kerr and strives to utilise this highly effective communication tool to improve her interactions at work and in her personal life. In her ‘spare time’ she spends quality time with her family and enjoys cooking, pilates and yoga.

Dr Peta Fairweather

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