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2021 GPTQ Annual Conference

12 June

Conference Theme

They say “Curiosity killed the cat”.

Well that is a great line from a great song.

If you were the cat, though, We’re sure it had a fascinating life.

Where does Curiosity fit with being a GP? We believe that curiosity is an essential part of any doctor and in particular, any GP. Without “Curiosity”, we lack the interest to truly discover who our patients are. We are prone to jumping to conclusions impacting on our clinical reasoning and providing our patients with less than ideal care. We lack the desire to learn, to recognise there is more that we need to know.

Research would not happen without wanting to ask why, or how does this work. Beyond work, the curious have far more interesting lives, exploring so much more of the world we live in.

So, believing curiosity to be critical, what impacts on our ability to be curious? How can I cultivate the curious mind? How do I apply it to my work and life?

Join us to explore these questions, broaden your horizons, and be curious with other curious people.

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12 June


Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre