Aug 2, 2020 | Past Education Sessions

These individual sessions provide an opportunity for GPs to Connect with their Peers in a supportive online environment. Providing a safe forum for discussion about health and wellbeing issues related to work and home and everything in between, these sessions are an opportunity for GPs to share their thoughts and understand how others are adapting to the unfolding uncertainties.

Each session will be run as an independent session for 8-10 GPs per session – so register early.

These sessions will provide GPs with pointers for looking after their colleagues as well as maintaining their own wellness. Future opportunities for establishing peer education groups will also be discussed.

Ira trained as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and systems/family therapist in The Netherlands. With over 25 years of clinical experience, she founded Breeze Life Coaching in 2014 and is currently working as a Life Coach, specialising in Doctors’ Health and Wellbeing. She is the co-developer and presenter of the award winning AMAQ “Resilience on the Run” and “Wellbeing at Work” program which is presented to all Queensland interns since 2017 through the support of Queensland Health. Ira is the President of the Qld Medical Women’s Society (QMWS) and on the management team of DHQ.

Vicky is the Doctors’ Health in Queensland’s Education Officer and Counsellor. Vicky has supported many doctors and medical students through her work for the Doctors’ Health in Queensland both via phone counselling and via development and delivery of education sessions across a wide breadth of doctors’ health issues. Vicky previously worked as a doctor, where she practiced as an advanced trainee in emergency medicine, both here in Australia and in the UK. She led the development of the University of Queensland’s Mental Health Strategy and has a private practice providing counselling for university students.

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